Saturday, October 17, 2009

Good Saturday Morning!!!

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you are all able to access this site so that we can communicate and keep each other motivated as our schedules are so busy!! This is a way we can stay connected any time of any day! So check the site regularly and offer support and ideas!!! I am off to exercise!!! got a new video Ripped & Chiseled by Jari Love!! I must say - it is a good one!!! more strength training - but does include a little cardio!!!


  1. Thanks for starting this site. We can all use a little encouragement. I need to remember to drink my water!!!!!!!! AND, are you really hungry? Maybe you are bored. Maybe you are tired. Find something else to do!!! It is our is our is for us but it is for our loved ones too!!!

  2. Yeah!!!! Way to go Carla getting this up and running! I can use all the motivation I can get! And the water, can I tell when I haven't been drinking mine!!
    Let's GO GIRLS!!!

  3. Let's start out week with a challenge! This weeks challenge is to do some sort of exercise each day - a minimum of 20 min each day. This can be broken up into 10 min sessions or however you can fit it in. Each day you should post what you did for exercise or just let us know 'challenge complete'! We will start tomorrow, unless you want to start today - GO FOR IT!!! I am starting today! 1 hr of exercise complete!!!

  4. I'll try to accomplish this weeks challenge, good idea...

  5. Hey Carla!
    You are like the energizer bunny honey! Good idea to keep encouraging everyone to exercise each day 20 to 30 minutes is always a good idea. I also try to work in a mid day toning/weight lifting during my lunch break two to three days a week. They KEY is to carve out a little time for exercising each day it's not always easy to do but well worth the effort! Keep up the great work everyone!