Thursday, October 29, 2009

RAINING?? Put a smile on!

Raining..... atleast it isn't snow!!! How is everyone?? The kids were able to get outside the past few days and enjoy the weather!!


  1. The news says the first 2 weeks in November are suppose to be warmer than normal... lets hope! My vitamin D is beginning to feel defitient!! We need some sun:) South Beach is going o.k.... I still miss my fruit.... but happy to say, I have not had a bar, cookie, cake, potatoe or slice of bread since Sunday morning!! I even baked cookies for the Dordt v-ball team and didnt snitch any dough... I cant believe it!! ( do keep my cheese sticks handy...& sugar free jello has been 'heavenly' it is almost beginning to taste like chocolate!!

  2. WOW! sugar free jello!!!!!! Good for you! Keep us posted...

  3. Like I said, I am not going weigh myself again until sunday, I weighed last sunday morning, when I began.... I'll let you know how it turns out... hopefully good news:)