Sunday, October 25, 2009

a devotional for you.....

Leaning on HIS Strength
Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.
Psalm 20:7
Every time I began a new weight-loss program, I was filled with enthusiasm and hope for my future success. I would throw myself into the new program and strive to do it perfectly. My hope was firmly placed on this new plan for weight loss, regardless of the details. Each time, I just knew that this was the answer, that this plan would work. However, after repeated failures, I was left each time feeling worse about myself, and the initial weight loss was all regained in a vicious repeating cycle.
When I came to the First Place program, I began to see that I had been placing my hope and trust in a diet program instead of trusting in an amazing God - the only One who had a permanent solution to my weight and lifestyle issues. I discovered that the almighty God cared about my weight problems, as insignificant as they felt to me next to a magnificent Lord. Over time, I began to let go of my trust in temporary programs. God offered me a new way of life, a new way of living and a new way of being.
It was an internal transformation that led to an external and eventually obvious change. I have maintained my weight loss for over 1- years now, along with my continued relationship with a living God who always wanted me to choose life. Today, my trust is in Him...
Oh my precious Lord, You have given me life. You have granted me freedom to stop trusting in diets and scales and to trust in You, the living God who showed me a new way. Yes, Lord, by Your grace I live it one day at a time. Thank You, Jesus, thank You.
Journal: Are you ready and willing to try a new way of life? A new way of living - one that our trustworthy Lord has designed? Write a prayer of readiness today.
-Roberta Wasserman
Living Well Carole Lewis


  1. O.K. ... today I am beginning that Southbeach diet... we will see how that goes... I don't mind protein, but no fruit for 2 weeks might be difficult... I did not realize that there is that much sugar in fruit. (carbs) Thanks for the devotional.

  2. I have been so proud of myself, losing weight and maintaining it....but had the wind taken out of my sails last week as I had a heart screen, bloodwork and some dental issues.....can't be lazy. Gotta keep on trying. Can't give up. Just pick up and keep going! Tomorrow is another day to do my best! AND help me to remember, Lord, to live it one day at a time! Amen