Monday, October 19, 2009

Good MONDAY Morning!!!

Have a HEALTHY Day!!!!!!!!!


  1. If you have a suggestion for a great exercise video let me know so that I can put it in the side bar for great work-out ideas/video ideas! We will have our own rating type list! Also take a look at the comment ideas to post daily - stay MOTIVATED AND ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like Carol said - if not for yourself for your family!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good Greif Carla... posted at 3;25 A.M. Do you sleep girl?

  3. I knew that time thing would make me look a little pathetic!!!! I do not know how to change it - but it is 2 hrs behind! It was actually 530am! I go to bed with the kids so that I can get up early (that is my time).